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 Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks

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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Mar 30 Mar - 14:56

With the 25th Overall pick, the BALTIMORE RAVENS select...

Patrick ROBINSON - CB - Florida State - Senior

Height: 5-11¼ | Weight: 190 | 40-Time: 4.46 (selon la police ; 4.42 selon les manifestants)

Citation :
Outstanding athlete --- Excellent speed and acceleration --- Quick and agile --- Super fluid hips and transitions well --- Terrific feet --- Closes in a hurry and has a burst to recover --- Good height and bulk --- Strong with a chiseled physique --- Great leaping ability --- Good hands and ball skills --- Is effective in both man and zone coverage --- Tough, physical and feisty --- Gets a good jam at the line of scrimmage --- A decent tackler --- Still has lots of upside --- Fantastic program pedigree.

Inconsistent --- Concentration will wane --- Questionable instincts and awareness --- Is too aggressive at times --- Not a violent hitter --- Just an average run defender --- Some off-the-field issues --- Durability may be a concern --- Doesn't make enough impact plays --- Underachiever ?

Was a 2½-year starter for the Seminoles --- Named 2nd Team All-ACC in 2009 --- Hails from the same program that produced Deion Sanders, Terrell Buckley, Corey Fuller, Samari Rolle, Bryant McFadden and Antonio Cromartie --- Dealt with minor knee, back and shoulder injuries in college --- Was suspended for taking part in a widespread academic cheating scandal --- All the ability in the world but doesn't always play up to his impressive physical tools --- Extremely talented and could be special but potential is still more impressive than the actual production.


Bon alors...
Déçus d'avoir manqué Gresham, les Ravens cherchent à renforcer le backfield défensif avec un Cornerback. Chris McAlister n'a pas vraiment été remplacé et peut-être que Robinson sera le prochain CB titulaire à long terme... Et puis ça fera sûrement plaisir à Deion.


Make the Niners just barely watchable again!
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Mer 31 Mar - 8:57

With the 26th Overall Pick, the ARIZONA CARDINALS select :


Good size
Very quick first step
Nice speed
Tons of experience at rush backer
Comfortable in coverage
Fluid athlete
Great in pursuit
Anticipates snap count very well
Plays with nice balance
Very good agility
Plays with great pad level
Very high upside
Can play 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB
Hard hitter

Highly inconsistent
Never really dominates
Lacks a pass rush repertoire
Lacks awareness - struggles to diagnose
Below-average instincts
Unimpressive motor
Very raw prospect
Poor hand use
Should be more powerful
Might lack some leadership
Doesn't play a high percentage of snaps

La défense a besoin d'être encore optimisée du côté des Cards. La seconde ligne et le backfield ont déjà été considérés. Reste la D-Line, où Griffen pourra apporter un impact de choix.
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Jeu 1 Avr - 18:23

With the 27st Overall pick, the DALLAS COWBOYS select


5'11 - 195 lbs.

40-Yard Dash 4.42
Bench press 17
Broad jump 10'00

Citation :

Release: Has adequate quickness off the line, but takes time to get to top speed. Most corners play off because he is the team's deep threat. Separates using hesitation move and pure speed once past the five-yard zone. Must be more effective using his hands to fight off the jam.

Hands: Fights for the ball in the air, usually winning with outstanding vertical and want-to despite giving up size. Makes difficult catches in traffic or when being interfered with. Adjusts well to high and low throws, displaying strong hands on high throws. Tracks the ball over either shoulder, good concentration to win in deep balls. Did drop some balls in crucial situations in 2009, and traps the ball against his chest when facing the passer.

Route running: Coached well in this aspect, and is a threat to run any route in the tree. Drops his hips and gets separation on out routes. Sells routes with head fake, getting between defenders down the seam in a hurry. Excellent awareness of the sideline, tapping feet to stay in-bounds. Extends his arms to create space downfield. Makes himself available to scrambling quarterbacks.

After the catch: Runs like a tailback after the catch or when taking the snap in a Wildcat formation, and could be used in both those duties at the next level. Elusive after the catch, displaying excellent vision and balance in the open field. Tough runner for his size due to strong lower-body build; able to push away would-be tacklers and usually pushes forward for additional yardage instead of heading to the sideline. Doesn't have elite acceleration after stopping his route or being hit, and will be caught from behind when defenders have a fair angle. Needs to put the ball in his outside hand to prevent turnovers. Uses his strength, hands and vision to get into the open on punt returns and is tough to track down once free.

Blocking: When reaching his man, Tate uses his aggressive nature to latch on and sustain. Willing to drive his man downfield if needed. Doesn't always get to his target, however; must get more involved on the edge.

Intangibles: Tough player who does anything necessary to score or get the first down. Big personality in a small package, likes to talk on and off the field. No major character concerns.

Les cowboys ont deux priorités pour les premiers rounds, OL et WR. Tous les meilleurs OL sont partis à ce point-là et Charles Brown me semble ne pas valoir un 1st round. Ils drafteront au 2nd round un OL qui leur permettra d'éviter le scénario qu'ils ont connu face aux vikings et qu'ils pourraient rencontrer dans leur division avec des défenses amener à se renforcer.

Leur deuxième gros besoin est un receveur de grande classe, qui puisse soulager Miles Austin. Avant cette saison, les receveurs étaient annoncés comme le gros point faible de cette équipe. Austin est sorti de nulle part, mais reste la seule cible "valable" pour Romo. Avec Tate, on a ici un prospect capable de devenir décisif dans moins d'un an, et de s'adapter assez vite aux schémas de jeu.

Remarque: dans d'autres scénarios, beaucoup voient Mays tomber ici, dans le cas où les Eagles feraient l'impasse sur lui.
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Ven 2 Avr - 0:06

With the 28th Overall pick, the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS select...

Jahvid Best, RB, California.

Citation :
Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Has top notch stop and go ability. Can reach his top speed in a blink and explodes through the smallest of windows. Has the advantage even when a linebacker has the initial angle on him in traffic.
Ball Protection: Very aware when in traffic, keeps the ball tight to his body and places a high value of keeping both hands on when a hit is on the way. Rarely seen out in space with the ball floating away from his body. Could keep it higher to maximize strength.
Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Very hard to get a hold of in open space. Has arguably the top agility of any back in this draft class. Makes a lot of defenders completely whiff. Feet are light on the ground, appears to be gliding when makes his way through traffic
Pass Catching: Was not given a lot of opportunity as a receiver, but he made the most of the looks he got. 62 career receptions. An effective wheel-route runner that can see the ball in to his hands while running at full speed. Adjusts well to the poorly thrown ball.
Pass Blocking: Was taken off the field on obvious passing downs. Partially to keep him fresh, partially because he got pushed around by blitzing linebackers repeatedly. The effort is there, but he lacks the strength and physicality to knock a defender around.
Power: Does not run with any power. Rarely breaks tackles when a defender gets squared up, goes down on first contact way too often. Will put his shoulder down and fall forward consistently, but he tries to miss tacklers rather than run through them.
Size/Length/Hand Size: Lacks the ideal build for an every down back. Slight frame that needs more bulk, especially to the lower half.
Speed: Has been clocked under 4.4 in the 40. Big time speed once he breaks free in to the second level. Has the extra gear in the open field that makes it very difficult to catch him from behind. Homerun threat every time he touches the ball, has several long touchdown runs.
Vision/Balance/Running Instincts: Sees the field exceptionally well. Does not have tunnel vision that a lot of backs possess. Can turn a broken play in to a big gain because of his ability to see the entire width of the field. Reads blocks and knows when to run north-south or east-west. Has such a smooth running style with no wasted motion as a result of his tremendous balance.
Final Word: Best has showed elite ability with the ball in his hands and has the potential to be a big time playmaker at the next level. His speed and quickness can be a factor from day one and every offense is always looking to add another player that is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. With that said, Best does not have the frame, bulk, or strength to handle every down duty in the league. The lack of ability to break tackles and pass protect are alarming red flags that cannot be overlooked. On top of that, Best suffered a severe concussion and neck injury in 2009 that ended his season early and is will be coming in to the league with some surgery history to both his elbow and ankle. Now if he can be put in to a system where is a change of pace back, his value to a team will be tremendous. But if he is depended upon to be on the field for 30+ plays per game, his flaws will be exploited. With that said, Best has top 10 ability but his weaknesses are tough to overlook and it could bump him down to the middle of the 2nd round.

AKA le Reggie Bush de cette année.

Un choix un peu par défaut. Les besoins des Chargers sont assez important quand même, mais pour le coup on peut pas trader down. Carlos Dunlap était une possibilité, mais après avoir drafté Larry English la saison dernière, je les voyais pas réinvestir dans un tweener encore.
En safety, il faudrait attendre un tour ou deux encore avant d'investir, pareil pour les CBs.
Best ajoute une touche sympa ceci étant, et avec Norv Turner, les Chargers trouveront le moyen de s'en servir comme il faut.
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Ven 2 Avr - 10:36

With the 29th Overall pick, the NEW YORK JETS select...


Citation :
Excellent height and bulk with long arms and large hands --- Very athletic --- Deceptive speed --- Great leaping ability --- Terrific ball skills and body control --- Vertical threat who makes plays downfield --- Real physical and aggressive --- Knows how to use his size --- Runs with power and will break tackles --- Nice vision --- Good strength --- Terrific stiff-arm --- Above average blocker --- Competitive --- Still has upside.

Will drop some passes --- A very unpolished route runner --- Not overly quick or explosive and lacks a burst --- Not real elusive and won't make defenders miss --- Pad level might be a problem --- Ability to beat the jam is a question mark --- Must adjust to a pro style offense --- Health?

Nickname is "Bay-Bay" and that is what most call him --- A three-year starter for the Yellow Jackets --- Garnered 1st Team All-ACC honors in 2009 --- Was responsible for 46 of the Rambling Wreck's 78 receptions and 8 of their 11 touchdown catches in 2009 --- Played in a triple-option offense in college, which allowed him to feast on single coverage and catch cornerbacks by surprise when they actually did pass --- Broke his foot while training in February and will be unable to work out for teams prior to the 2010 NFL Draft --- Was rumored to have been running in the 4.3's and on pace to amaze at the Scouting Combine prior to the injury --- A very intriguing prospect and extremely impressive physical specimen but also carries considerable risk due to all of the projection that's involved in his evaluation --- Looks like a first round pick on paper and appears to have all of the physical tools that you look for --- Could potentially be a true #1 wideout at the next level.

J'aurais bien vu Tate mais déjà pris...
B Edwards sera FA en fin de saison...
Manque de depth en WR et la defense est déjà pas mal donc voilà! Mr. Green
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Mar 6 Avr - 13:31

With the 30th Overall pick, the MINNESOTA VIKINGS select ...


Height: 6-1⅛ | Weight: 303 | 40-Time: 5.15

Good bulk --- Very athletic --- Extremely quick and agile --- Explosive with a burst and fires off the snap --- Uses his hands well --- Is stout at the point of attack --- Terrific bull rush --- Can penetrate and disrupt in the backfield --- Is strong and powerful --- Active and does a nice job in pursuit --- A big hitter and reliable tackler --- Flashes some nastiness and plays with an edge --- Tough --- Superb awareness --- Productive.

Kind of short and squatty --- Inconsistent leverage --- Motor runs hot and cold --- Lacks a varied repertoire of pass rush moves --- Not really a sack artist --- Will often reach and lunge --- Questionable balance and is on the ground too much -- Issues with conditioning and stamina.

Sans trop d'envie, mais Pat Williams arrête et il faut absolument lui trouver un bon remplaçant (ce qui sera pas facile) pour que la D-ligne des Vikings restent l'une des meilleurs du pays.
J'ai hésité avec Terrence Cody mais ce dernier a trop mauvaise réputation pour prendre ce reisque au premier tour.
Brian Price a une bonne carrière universitaire dans une conférence ou la passe est reine il aurait pu avoir un peu plus de sack (7) la saison dernière.
Il n'est que junior donc on peut attendre un bon développement de sa part.
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Mar 6 Avr - 14:26

With the 31st Overall pick, the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS select...

Maurkice POUNCEY - C - Florida - Junior

Height: 6-4½ | Weight: 304 | 40-Time: On s'en tape, c'est un Lineman

Citation :
Prototypical size --- Excellent athlete --- Nimble feet --- Great balance, agility and quickness --- Smart --- Terrific instincts and awareness --- Is very strong, physical and aggressive --- Understands positioning and angles --- Consistently out leverages opponents --- Stout at the point of attack --- Gets a good push in the run game --- Mobile with terrific range to pull and get to the second level --- Competitive and a finisher who plays with a nasty demeanor --- Tough --- Hard Worker --- Team Leader --- Versatile --- Has a lot of experience against top competition.

Shorter arms than you'd prefer --- Trouble sustaining blocks --- Gets caught reaching and lunging at times --- Some issues adjusting in space --- Too aggressive on occasion --- Most snaps were shotgun and will have to adjust to a traditional offense --- Minor durability concerns.

Was a three-year starter for the Gators --- Named 1st Team All-SEC and a 2nd Team All-American in 2009 --- Won the Rimington Trophy as the nation's top center in 2009 --- "Maurkice" is his middle name, first name is actually "LaShawn" --- Has a twin brother, Mike, who also plays at Florida and will be one of the top interior offensive line prospects for the 2011 NFL Draft --- Missed a few games with an ankle injury in 2007 --- Underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder prior to the 2009 season --- Saw extensive action at both center and guard in college and could project to either position at the next level --- Is the total package with a well-rounded game and an ideal blend of physical tools and intangibles --- As good as any pivot prospect to come along in recent years --- Legitimate first round talent.


Bill Polian est convaincu que c'est à cause de la ligne offensive que les Colts ont perdu le Super Bowl. Mouais... Toujours est-il que les vice-champions sortant profitent de la présence du Centre/Guard de Florida pour renforcer la ligne... surtout pour jouer Guard parce qu'au Centre, il y a déjà le Tuesday Morning Quarterback Non-QB Non-RB NFL MVP 2006, l'indéboulonnable Jeff Saturday.


Make the Niners just barely watchable again!
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   Mar 6 Avr - 15:20

With The 32th Overall Pick,The New Orleans Saints select:

Derrick Morgan, DE from Georgia Tech

Non en fait c'est lui:

Height: 6-3 | Weight: 266 | 40-Time: 4.72

Citation :
Good height --- Great bulk --- Superb instincts and awareness --- Is extremely active with a non-stop motor --- A polished technician who understands leverage --- Strong and powerful --- Showcases a varied repertoire of moves --- Nice bull rush --- Uses his hands well --- Violent initial punch --- Able to shed blockers --- Does an excellent job in pursuit --- Stout at the point of attack --- Terrific run defender --- A reliable tackler --- Is disciplined and assignment sound --- Could offer positional / schematic versatility --- Fantastic work ethic --- Productive.

Lacks top-shelf athleticism, speed and quickness --- Average agility and change of direction skills --- Isn't real explosive --- Not a great natural pass rusher and won't be a dynamic threat off the edge --- Does not flip his hips fluidly and looks a bit uncomfortable in space --- Will he be able to handle coverage responsibilities ? --- Upside might be limited.

Was a two-year starter for the Yellow Jackets --- Took home 1st Team All-ACC and ACC Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2009 --- Named a 1st Team All-American in 2009 --- Overshadowed by Michael Johnson, Darryl Richard and Vance Walker early in his career but is a much better pro prospect than his former teammates --- Might also have the ability to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme --- A solid all-around player with a nice blend of physical tools and intangibles who is effective against both the run and the pass --- May never be an elite pass rusher in the NFL but will be an above average starter for a long time.

Commentaires: Les Saints ont besoin d'un DE depuis le départ de Charles Grant pour faire équipe avec Will Smith: ça tombe bien, le meilleur joueur encore disponible est un DE (le meilleur de la draft pour certains). Le besoin prioritaire est plutôt de prendre un OLB pour remplacer Fujita mais à ce moment-là, ça serait dommage de laisser passer Morgan, qui a mon avis sera pris avant. Les autres besoins sont DT et C mais Price et Pouncey viennent de partir.
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MessageSujet: Re: Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks   

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Notre MOCK DRAFT 2010 : Les picks
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